Michelle speaks

This is a video taken by a bystander (a white guy) while Michelle was negotiating the school lunch with a black woman at McDonalds.

Caution: she be smack talkin an sheeit.

Black Man Breaks “Cracker” Bus Passenger’s Face

It was just a few days ago that a black guy in Union Park in New York went berserk and started hitting white people out of the blue. Witnesses overheard him say that the next white person he saw, he was going to beat up (in so many words). He hit three people, causing one of them to hit his head on the ground so hard that it caused brain damage. He was taken to the hospital and remained in a coma until they removed him from life support, which killed him.

Read more at http://lastresistance.com/3182/black-man-breaks-cracker-bus-passengers-f...

Killing white babies - great idea for showing the content of your character

The white guy chimes in here, explaining how whitey needs to go. We here at Help A White Guy do not understand what he is trying to say. We understand what he says when he says that "academia listens" to him, but is he saying that all white people need to be killed? Does he know that means him too?